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U-Trough 8-19-3

U-Trough 8-19-3 is produced by combining nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. This product is unique from all the others because when producing the U-trough starter, we have used a dual core water processing system which will increase our products availability. U-trough 8-19-3 can be used on most field crops, vegetables, fruit and nut trees and more. Since it contains 100% orthophosphate, which is immediately available to the seeding or plant, U-trough 8-19-3 may be used, in small amounts, as a starter fertilizer. U-Trough 8-19-3 has a pH of 7, making it as safe as water and effective as a foliar spray. U-trough 8-19-3 can also be applied through drip irrigation systems.

To insure best performance, use U-trough 8-19-3 when there is adequate humidity, moderate temperatures and adequate soil moisture. Foliar sprays should be made during the early morning and late evening hours.

U-Trough 8-19-3 mixes completely in water with minimal agitation.

  1. Fill tank roughly ½ full of water and begin agitation.
  2. Add U-Trough 8-19-3 to mix tank
  3. Add other pesticides and/or nutrients (be sure to check compatibility prior to mixing)

ATTENTION: Always check compatibility with other products prior to use. U-Trough 8-19-3 is not compatible with products containing calcium.

Vegetables: For sprinkler irrigated fields, spray or dribble directly over the seed at planting. For furrow irrigated fields, inject directly below the seed row 1-2". Use 3-5 gallons/acre. 8-19-3 may be diluted with water if desired.

Corn, Cotton, Soybeans: Inject ½-2" directly below and/or to the side of the seed furrow. Use 3-5 gallons/acre. 8-19-3 may be diluted with water if desired.

Vegetable, Field Crops, Fruits, Fruit and Nut Trees: Apply 1-3 gallons of 8-19-3 in at least 5 gallons of water/acre. Multiple applications may be useful. Use of Chameleon (nonionic spreader/sticker) may enhance coverage and increase plant uptake. Do not apply more than 3 times per growing season. Do not apply when the crop is under severe stress. For best results, use the lowest possible volume that will ensure complete coverage and small droplet size.

Drip Irrigation (All Crops): Use 3-10 gallons of 8-19-3 per irrigation. Continue irrigation for at least 2 hours to insure adequate fertilizer coverage.

Transplant Water (All Crops): Use 1-4 gallons of 8-19-3 per acre in 500-1000 gallons of water per acre.

Total Nitrogen (N) 8.00%
Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) 19.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 3.00%

Derived from: Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Aqua Ammonia, Dual core water system

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